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A Step Back: From duty boots to gum boots by Peter Gillett | PB

A Step Back: From duty boots to gum boots by Peter Gillett | PB

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From the author of the highly successful, 'A Step too Far" (2018)

A Step Back is a testament to Peter Gillett’s sustained triumph over the demons faced by many police and emergency workers. His transition to life after policing is told with poignant insight and empathy. Peter illustrates how nature, and in this instance the reconfiguring powers of King Island’s brutal weather and isolation, can work on a person over time to bend them back into their natural shape.
Sonia Strong, Paramedic, Hobart

Many years ago, deep in the Australian bush, a solitary soul swung an axe – clearing trees to sow a crop and graze a few sheep. Months wore on with little to show for his labours, but his depression and frustration flourished. On the verge of giving up, and as he gazed upon the mocking forest, he heard the distant ring of another man's axe. With renewed vigour, knowing he was not alone, he forged ahead. Perhaps you are about to give up, thinking you are alone. Hopefully, as you read my book, you too will hear the ring of another person's axe.
Peter Gillett

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