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Unwrapping Clouds by Liz McQuilkin | PB

Unwrapping Clouds by Liz McQuilkin | PB

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In Unwrapping Clouds, the past isn’t a thing mined but rather gently sifted through, coaxing gems of memory to the surface of now. Whether describing the delicate, fading whorls of seashells or the blunt force of human loss, Liz McQuilkin’s regard for all life is genuine and joyful, tinged with but never overshadowed by sorrow. Ever the optimist, her sense of humour is wry and sometimes mischievous. Through a love of words and wordplay we are invited to share in this poet’s delight in the natural world and its inhabitants. Above all, we are encouraged to participate.
~ Jane Williams

Liz McQuilkin has Mary Oliver’s ability to show us ordinary, yet extraordinary, moments in the natural and human worlds. I love her sharing of reflective moments, and her pellucid, deeply moving observations on births, deaths, and the journeying between.
~ Esther Ottaway

To see the author in conversation with David Mason, former Poet Laureate of Colorado (now living in Tasmania), click here UNWRAPPING CLOUDS VIDEO LAUNCH at Hobart Bookshop. 

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