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Travelling Tasmanian Tigers by Margie Kirk | HB

Travelling Tasmanian Tigers by Margie Kirk | HB

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Margie Kirk’s fantastic artwork and beautiful words combine to take readers on a tour of 14 Tasmanian towns where thylacines make friends with the native wildlife - from wombats in Waratah, echidnas in Eddystone, wedge-tails over Wineglass Bay to possums in Port Arthur, quolls in Queenstown and swans in Strahan.

“We see so many children who can instantly identify a tiger, a lion or even a Tyrannosaurus rex, but do not know what a bettong, quoll or bandicoot are. It is crucial that we introduce children to these animals at a young age, so they can begin to identify, and develop a passion for, the animals living in their own backyards.”  ~ Greg Irons, Director, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

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