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Tourism in Tasmania, Editors - Can Seng Ooi & Anne Hardy | PB

Tourism in Tasmania, Editors - Can Seng Ooi & Anne Hardy | PB

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With Tasmania's significant growth in tourism has come resistance, acceptance, profit and loss. In the past five years, questions have been raised over issues including whether Tasmania has reached peak tourism and visitor caps should be implemented; whether private development should occur within our protected areas; whether areas should be closed for visitation in order to allow revegetation and whether the benefits of tourism are equally distributed across the state. This book, written by 22 University of Tasmania academics with an interest in tourism research, presents a diverse range of perspectives on these issues. The aim is to foster robust discussion and lively debate beyond any academic boundaries and to consider how tourism in this state moves forward in a prosperous and sustainable manner.

“At a critical time for the industry, this book demands that Tasmanians consider the shape of the Island’s future tourism industry. It challenges all Tasmanians in their respective communities to voice their opinions, so that what is special to them, remains so.” ~ David Reed, leading tourism industry consultant and operator

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