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The Real Me Cracks Open His Shell by Allen Gallagher | PB

The Real Me Cracks Open His Shell by Allen Gallagher | PB

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“What is the role of the man who stands apart? …For Allen Gallagher it is to understand and reveal yourself with all the honesty memory will allow and with all the wit, intelligence and humour a born writer can muster.”
Rodney Croome

Allen's memoir is told in a series of short 'stories' - real tales about his two lives, lived simultaneously (one in the real world and the other inside his head). 

His real-world life was an act and seen by himself as fake. His inner world, by contrast, was the home of his real emotions, dreams and hopes and his natural way of being. But it was also the place of ever-increasing confusion and overwhelming feelings of 

How could he bring that inner self into the real and visible world?

Fate eventually intervened and he was able to find other people, men in particular, who were like himself. Now, at the age of 75, Allen is able to take the ultimate step. In this
beautifully written memoir, he tells the world who he really is in every way. He even hypothesises the likely nature of his conception!

He tells his life story with much hilarity, profound and confronting honesty, and keen insight. All is done in an atmosphere of forgiveness for, and understanding of, others.

“Poignant, insightful and laced with humour …”
Rosie Dub

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