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The Gods Must Be Disabled, Episode 2 | Ben Richardson | PB

The Gods Must Be Disabled, Episode 2 | Ben Richardson | PB

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 Written and illustrated by Tasmanian stand-up comedian, Ben Richardson. 

A graphic novel - the first, or is it the second - about members of a group with disabilities who are found to be old gods. 


About the creator: Ben Richardson is a local Tasmanian stand up comedian, writer and illustrator.  He is also an Auslan interpreter and grew up with a Deaf mother and amongst the Deaf community.  

Ben started stand up comedy back in 2002 at RAW comedy in Melbourne. He did jokes about sign language and having a deaf mother. He has come a long way since then and now makes jokes about being a sign language interpreter and having a deaf mother. Ben used to work as a disability support worker and this is where he got the setting for the gods must be disabled. 

Ben's true passion is visual story telling and drawing comics is a great medium for this.  The Deaf community love cartoons, the visual images convey messages in the same way Auslan does. Ben used to work in call centres when he was a Uni student and doodled cartoons while trying to get people not to hang up on him. The gods must be disabled is an amalgam of Ben’s working life, his involvement with the Deaf community and the desperate measures we all have to go to to make money.

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