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TASMANIA an island dream, volume 2 | Don Defenderfer

TASMANIA an island dream, volume 2 | Don Defenderfer

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Don Defenderfer ‘s companion book to TASMANIA an island dream is a collection of stories, poems and photographs that capture the magic and beauty of Tasmania. 

“Defenderfer is the consummate writer of place – this place.” ~ PETE HAY, Poet, writer and environmentalist

 “As much about love as it is about Tasmania –  Defenderfer’s love for wild places is our planet’s salvation.” ~ HILARY BURDEN, Writer and journalist

Writer/photographer Don Defenderfer shares his insights and inspirations about some of Tasmania’s most beautiful areas such as Flinders Island, the wild coastline of the great South West, the Franklin River, Maria Island, the Three Capes Track and wukalina. Through stories about hiking, sailing, gardening or contemplating mindfulness at a shack, Don offers up a unique reverence for Tasmania – a reverence that many others share.

His stories, photos and poems capture Tasmania at its best – a place far away from the fast-paced urban world, with an abundance of beautiful landscapes, primordial wilderness areas and down-to-earth people.

Included is a fictional conversational piece that pays homage to Gustav Wiendorfer, Tasmania’s first pioneer conservationist who helped conserve and establish Cradle Mountain National Park.

Through delicate words and inspiring photos, this book shows why Tasmania is seen as one of the most beautiful and beguiling places in the world. 

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