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Swallows Fly North, A Tasmanian Tale by Al McKay | PB

Swallows Fly North, A Tasmanian Tale by Al McKay | PB

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Life-long friends, Jack, Harry and Peter, were born in 1933 and spent their early childhood on the Tasman Peninsula. They sought careers far from their homeland but, despite living far apart as adults and following their own guiding stars, they, like the swallows, returned time and again to their birthplace.

Swallows Fly North is their story - a tale of boys growing from romantic children to the realities of manhood during the years from 1940 to 1963; a tale of migration, regeneration and the protection of cultural heritage.

Background to the book: Al McKay was born in Koonya on the Tasman Peninsula during the Great Depression. The "hospital" boasted no reticulated water, no electricity, no council sewerage and no doctor. The farm from which his mother travelled by horse and sulky the night of his birth had been carved out of the forest in the boondocks of Tasmania. Thinking about how he had become "successful" after this beginning to his life, Al wove this tale around three boys all of whom, although fictitious, portrayed some of the stages and facets of his own career.

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