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Summon the Giants by Captain William McGrath | PB

Summon the Giants by Captain William McGrath | PB

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Captain Bill McGrath’s life spanned the experiential breadth of many men. 

He started his life’s quest as a student activist protesting against Nazism, then as a surfer, a naval commander during World War II, a university lecturer in philosophy and finally a sheep farmer. Bill was an acclaimed expert in the ancient art of celestial navigation and an adventurer who, one way or another, managed to set foot in most corners of the planet.

His was a life considered.

His curiosity never left him, nor his questioning of motives – his and others’ – in his search for the best way to live with others. He influenced the lives of countless people though his wisdom, counsel and guidance. 

This book is the result of Bill’s quest for understanding in the exploratory journey that was his life. 

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