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Stillbirth: Still A Birth by Collette Butler | HB

Stillbirth: Still A Birth by Collette Butler | HB

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A story of grief, stillbirth and magic 

Grief comes in many forms. It comes in many stages of life. Grief following a stillbirth is unimaginable. Pregnancy loss is a surprisingly common occurrence yet is often hidden away, in the darkness of one’s home and in the hearts of struggling parents. 

Collette Butler is a Tasmanian nurse whose daughter, Amelia, passed away during labour and was born still at 38 weeks. Since Amelia’s death, Collette has experienced three more miscarriages. In honour of Amelia’s and her other babies’ lives, Collette has turned pregnancy loss support and awareness into her passion. Her book, Still A Birth, is a memoir of grief and a self-help guide for bereaved families. It is thoughtfully designed with an array of poignant images. It is moving, engaging and informative.  


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