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Rainbow Island: Tapestry of Time by Irene Cowell | PB

Rainbow Island: Tapestry of Time by Irene Cowell | PB

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Gabi opens his inheritance and is plunged into a fantastical chaotic world – the world of the Hidden. He travels through time; history collides with mythology. He means to protect his family but the heroic exploits of the Hidden face an irreconcilable threat to Rainbow Island


In 2009, at the time when the stark reminder of mortality presented itself to author, Irene Cowell, and complications with friendships and family appeared insurmountable, traumatic memories surfaced and became intertwined with the local history of Bruny Island. Irene’s imagination was seized by a powerful image, the Empress of Time. The landscape of a story emerged, peopled with a cast of characters, their lives caught within the machinations of the Empress and her Daughter. The need to write about this interplay of characters became so necessary that she began to write its story. This is a fantasy, but steeped in the colours of reality. The locality: Rainbow Island – the story: Tapestry of Time.

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