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Port Arthur by Danielle Maistry | PB

Port Arthur by Danielle Maistry | PB

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Beautifully written in the historical world of the Port Arthur convict settlement in Van Diemen’s Land, suspense and romance combine to create a compelling and captivating story of the intertwining lives of a convict boy who tries to find his place in society, and an innocent girl who is thrust into a world she was never meant to be part of.

Set in the 1830s during the transportation era, thirteen-year-old Walter Paisley is convicted of burglary and transported to Van Diemen’s Land to serve his sentence. Tara Harford and her father are wrongfully charged before they are separated and sent abroad to serve life sentences as convicts of the Crown.

Walter must learn to find hope amidst the ever-rising challenges of his life as a convict.

Tara is unaware of the dangers threatening her survival that come with her choice to find her father.

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