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Pigs in Flight by Kathleen McLaren | HB

Pigs in Flight by Kathleen McLaren | HB

  • $2000

Celestine the pig and mouse friends Kelvin and Barry help Noelene, an escapee from Fritefool Factory Farm, to free animal prisoners from Fritefool. Will the foursome manage to come up with a plan to outsmart fearsome farm owner, Agatha Hartovstone, in time to save the pigs from the slaughterhouse?

“With colourful illustrations and delightful characters, Pigs in Flight! is a charming story about taking care of each other. It raises the issue of factory farming in a not-too-confronting way and encourages readers to make kind choices in their everyday lives. There are some facts about pigs in this book that may surprise you!”                    ~ Emma Haswell, Brightside Sanctuary

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