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Gossip of Derwent Narratives, A by Andrew Davis | PB

Gossip of Derwent Narratives, A by Andrew Davis | PB

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Author, Andrew Davis, has been places and done things. Along with being a bank clerk and a milkman with a horse-drawn cart, his main positions have been in health, education and community services. His passion has been to walk life’s journey with people who have been dealt the rough end of the pineapple. Andrew has met some interesting characters with amazing stories. Their lives have challenged and touched him with the way they have dealt with their struggles. 

There are eighteen stories in A Gossip of Derwent Narratives. Many of the people in these stories endure extraordinary pain and tragedy yet surprisingly invite humour to be part of their experience. It is clear that within the agony and delight of each gossipy narrative Andrew has come to know and travel life’s journey with many weird, funny and colourful characters – people just like you and me.

Andrew lives overlooking the Derwent River in Hobart, Tasmania, and says that life can’t get any better this side of death. Sitting at his writing machine beside the river he uncovers taboos and itchy social scabs that should get you thinking, laughing, agitated and entertained. 

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