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Forty South Short Story Anthology 2022 | Paperback

Forty South Short Story Anthology 2022 | Paperback

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The eleven best stories from the Tasmanian Writers’ Prize 2022 as selected by Annie Warburton, Meg Bignell and Rayne Allinson


How I Got This Tattoo | Christine Betts (NSW)


Screen Funeral | Jason Spongberg (TAS)

Exposure | Harry Colfer (QLD)

The Collared Leopard | Ruari Murphy (TAS)

The Flying Fish | Terry Mulhern (VIC)

Unwanted Goods | Pippa Kay (NSW)

Shellgrit | Sharyn Munro (NSW)

Australia’s Ark | Marina Hacquin (TAS)

Snake Gully | Allison Mitchell (TAS)

Salt for Cleansing | Melanie Kanicky (VIC)

The Unbecoming | Romy Tara Wenzel (TAS)

With a foreword from Rayne Allinson

In the words of Irish Booker-prize-winning author, Roddy Doyle, “When you grow up on an island, what matters is how you stand to the sea.” Because of their liminality, islands can represent many contrary things. Isolation and connection. Permanence and change. They might be easily charted on a map, but something about them remains hidden, mysterious, unreachable. “Islands are metaphors of the heart”, Jeannette Winterson writes, “no matter what poet says otherwise.” 

This year...each entrant took their own unique stance on the theme of “islands”. We had stories on emergency rescues, imagined flights from post-apocalyptic landscapes, surreal visions of death (or birth?) by water, romance gone wrong at sea, dangerous journeys into deep waters, tender evocations of literary love affairs, haunting glimpses of ghostly forms, disturbing portraits of misogynistic minds, the isolating effects of old age, and new beginnings summoned from the relentless pulse of the tide.

~ Rayne Allinson

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