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Chickens Storm Free written and illustrated by Kathleen McLaren | HB

Chickens Storm Free written and illustrated by Kathleen McLaren | HB

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Author, Kathleen McLaren knows all sorts of interesting facts about chickens. She knows they talk with each other using at least 31 sounds, each of which has a different meaning; that they can count, solve problems and use basic geometry; and that chickens can use the sun as a compass, helping them to find food and water. Kathleen also knows that some mothers and chicks never meet because Mum’s eggs are taken from her and put into incubators, and that thousands of chickens are kept inside crowded sheds that stink of ammonia.

In Chickens Storm Free Kathleen tells a story that shows why it is good to care about chickens and that we should help them if they are in need. In this, her third book with Forty South Publishing, Kathleen introduces children to Shirley Cockatoo and Reginald Raven who, while exploring beyond their forest home, spy a large, ugly and smelly shed. They take a closer look and what they discover sets them on a mission to put things right for the chickens inside the shed. Birds are brainy creatures, so Reginald and Shirley have plenty of good ideas and clever skills to help in their quest. But the arrival of a big storm makes their task difficult.

This book is proudly supported by Animals Australia.

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