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Annabel and Turtle by Tahnee McShane | HB

Annabel and Turtle by Tahnee McShane | HB

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Written by Tahnee McShane

Illustrated by Mary-Ann Orchard

Annabel and Turtle is the first in a series of picture books for children aged from birth to six which address the themes of empathy, resilience, friendship and problem solving. The stories centre on Annabel, a five-year-old girl who lives in a treehouse with her best friend, Turtle.

In Annabel and Turtle, the pair visit the beach, where they collaborate on building an impressive sandcastle city. Turtle cries in disappointment when the waves wash away his sandcastle, and Annabel must do her best to make him feel better.

The world in which Annabel and Turtle live is beautifully conveyed through Mary-Ann Orchard’s illustrations. The easy and uncomplicated text, carefully crafted by children’s author and educator, Tahnee McShane, provides an excellent opportunity for classroom reading and for adults to read to little ones at bedtime.

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