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A Step too Far by Peter Gillett | PB

A Step too Far by Peter Gillett | PB

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Most people have had the thought, if only briefly, “I’d like to be a cop.” This book gives you a front row seat, or perhaps a backstage pass, to life in the police force. It’s your invitation into the lurid, shocking and sometimes funny world that coppers like Peter Gillett lived in.

These stories are all true, told by one who survived.

It’s dirty, secretive and terrifying. In this fascinating memoir, Peter recounts the harrowing danger of true policing, delving deep into the insanity of human behaviour. Walk with Peter in a murky world where, unlike the sanitised TV shows, happy endings are rare.

 Peter’s astonishing story reveals the desperation of so many who have worked in the police force to reclaim their life and find contentment after being plagued by hair-raising horror.  Follow Peter as he unveils the secret behind his current life on King Island. A farming life shaped by the ferocious roaring forties winds, wild isolation and brutal coastlines- nature’s ode to the grittiness of a fourteen year career, delivering him to an unexpected peace.

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