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40 South Short Story Anthology 2014 | Paperback

40 South Short Story Anthology 2014 | Paperback

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In 2013 Forty South Publishing chose to theme its annual short story competition around the notion of ‘islands’. The best of the 2014 entries are presented here, and a fine collection it is, if we do so immodestly claim. The entries were of a very high standard indeed, and authors, mostly but not exclusively Tasmanian, and mostly writing in fictional mode (though not always – at least one of the writings included here is a ‘fragment of memoir’), responded to the theme in a variety of imaginative ways. Some of the conceptual conundra noted above are touched upon, though you have to read between the lines to detect it (because none of this is overt), and it is true that for some an island setting, though palpable, is almost incidental to the dynamics of the story. What is clear, though, is that, in a globalising world, the idea of ‘island’ remains potent, a flame to fire literary creativity.

- Pete Hay

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