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Undertow by Kim Bambrook | PB

Undertow by Kim Bambrook | PB

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Kay wakes up on a floundering yacht. The Tasmanian coastline has receded, and her partner, Sam, has mysteriously disappeared. An eerie fog hinders visibility. With no means of communication with the outside world, Kay’s worst fears are realised: she is alone, her vessel off-course and lurching into the unknown.

This thrilling debut from author Kim Bambrook takes us on an adventure through the beautiful but treacherous Tasmanian environment. Full of vivid descriptions of Tasmanian wilderness regions and native animals and characters that Kay encounters in her struggle to survive and find her way home, this is a story about resilience and the awe-inspiring power of the natural world.

‘…a taut emotional thriller, the story of one woman’s gripping battle not only against the elements, but her own fears and vulnerabilities.’  —Les Zig, author of August Falling 

‘… a bracing, deeply evocative reminder of the ability of nature to both terrorise and heal.’ —Meg Bignell, author of The Sparkle Pages


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